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Restorative Giving

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.

Heb. 13:16

Principle of Giving:

Giving as …

Giving when in need is a powerful tool for advancing your life from the grip of fear to the power of love while also assuring your own financial prosperity.

Have you been negatively impacted by the recent COVID 19 pandemic? Some people have lost friends and family, and many more have experienced considerable financial loss. Unusual times call for unusual measures.  Now is an excellent time to be creative and innovative. It is also a time to reach out to your network of business connections and loyal customers to acquire a new perspective on service and fees.

Too often, when we feel in a state of loss, we become focused soley upon our need. We think about who owes us money that we haven’t collected. Or, hoping to maintain our customer/ client base, we worry about how to cut back and provide less service for less compensation. Others might wonder what additional resources they can tap into when the government stimulus packages dry up.  There are prayers for relief and prayers of petition. While this is not futile, isn’t there something more proactive that we can do, or offer to do, for others?

Giving with Joy proposes an unusual solution for unusual times: Make a mental shift from “I need” to “Where can I give?”  Crazy? Foolish? Impossible? 

I know it seems counterintuitive. This is probably the biggest reason why most people do not consider giving during such a time as this, EVEN with a guaranteed successful outcome.

However, giving shifts our focus away from fear and lack into a state of faith. 

‘Doing’, according to your faith, will produce that shift and the momentum to spring forth on a new path with renewed inspiration. Prepare yourself with positive, affirmative words and then move into doing those things that exemplify your words.

The first step is realizing that you do have something to give, no matter how dire your circumstances.

Is the fear of lack preventing you from being generous? Perhaps you think that you have little or nothing to spare?

Giving with Joy Challenges you to TRY THIS:


The small size of a young boy’s lunch did not stop him from offering it to Jesus. Generously giving his entire lunch to Jesus not only fed him, but more than 5000 others besides (Luke 9:12-17).  I’m guessing that the experience of that miracle impacted that boy’s entire life! It hopefully became the story he shared with others whenever he heard people concerned or even complaining about what little they had, then questioning how it could possibly be enough. What an incredible giving lesson when the need is great!


If your need is one of money, then money is what you need to give.  Apple seeds buried in the ground do not yield dollar bills, but they do yield apples that are worth dollar bills. 

GIVE FUNDS: If you can give a 10% gift of money to someone in your same position (capable, willing & motivated to provide for themselves and their families, but currently depleted financially). Then give them a gift of money and explain to them why you are giving. They also may want to take part in your humanitarian investment/experiment.  This act of faith will activate the promise of seedtime and harvest and will begin to restore the financial security of you both.

GIVE A VALUED LABOR OF LOVE: If you believe you cannot risk a monetary gift, then consider what skills, gifts, or possessions you have that equate to a monetary value.  Utilize a specific skill or talent you have. For example, if you are a chef you could prepare a special meal for someone. Bless them with delicious food for which they would otherwise had to pay, so there is monetary value on a return you will receive for your gift/investment.  Or…

SHARE YOUR PERSONAL CONTACTS: Make a connection or referral that will provide a monetary value for someone else who needs a job, a resource, or labor. Or, if you still feel you have little to contribute, then consider yet another way to give…

GIVE YOUR TIME:  When your resources are scarce, reach out by volunteering. You will be simultaneously helping others and building relationships with those in your neighborhood and local community.  Or, …

ENCOURAGE AND EDIFY ANOTHER: If you think you have nothing to offer, or are sick and in bed 24 hours a day, then consider picking up your phone.  This additional way to give is often overlooked. Take time to offer a word of encouragement or praise. Just being available to provide conversation can brighten a lonely person’s day.

GIVE GRACE: Yes, even the gift of grace can be a wonderful contribution. If you find yourself delayed in paying a debt you owe to another, actively seek out and offer grace to someone who is delayed in paying a debt owed to you.

We restore ourselves by giving to restore the state of others.

This restorative giving approach  – doing the uncommon by giving when we have a need –  is a powerful tool for creating your own financial security and prosperity as well as activating love, and who doesn’t want more love especially during these challenging times? 

by | Jun 10, 2020

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Giving with Joy proposes a powerful and innovative solution for financial hardship:

Make a mental shift from “I need” to “How can I give?”  This scripturally based strategy is founded on the principle that we restore ourselves, by giving to restore the state of another.

1. Change your perspective

The first step is realizing that you do have something to give, no matter how dire your circumstances. You have value and what you do has even more value!

2. Do something

Find a way to begin giving!

  • GIVE MONEY– when you are in need of money, consider giving 10% of your available funds
  • GIVE OF YOUR SKILLS OR TALENTS– make a special gift unique to your abilities or resources
  • SHARE YOUR PERSONAL CONTACTS– connect people to help each other
  • GIVE YOUR TIME– volunteer
  • MAKE A CALL– phone with a word of encouragement
  • GIVE GRACE– bestow compassion to receive compassion

Giving when in need is a powerful tool for advancing your life from the grip of fear to the power of love while assuring your own financial prosperity.